Protect your vehicle from snowy and icy conditions.  From little to large, cheap to expensive, Big Bear businesses sell a variety of equipment to provide traction for the tires.  Think of it as strapping boots onto the feet of your car. 

            Folks can pick up chains at Kmart or auto part stores in the area.  Many Big Bear businesses boast window signs proclaiming the sale of chains.

            Mercer Automotive & Tire Co sells cables and chains of all different sizes with prices ranging from $59 to $200.The demand for chains corresponds with what day of the week the flurries fall.

            Chain application may be time consuming but it’s vital to passengers’ safety.  Read the instructions that come with the equipment to ensure proper installation.  The biggest chain faux pas is stopping to apply them in the middle of the road.  Always pull to the shoulder to avoid blocking traffic or causing an accident. 

            If you are looking for an easy method to prevent sliding and skidding, check out Spider Spikes.  They offer sample installation in a short amount of time.  But with convenience comes price.  Spider Spikes can run up to $700.

            Once chains are secure it’s important to be aware of how to operate the vehicle.  A common mistake is driving too fast with chains.  Maintain a maximum speed of 35 mph.

            Avoid driving on dry roads with chains for extended periods of time.  This can cause chains to break and can damage the road. 

            Continuously check your chains.  They should be tightened a second time after driving a short distance.  Chains that come loose should be refastened or removed before they wrap around the vehicle’s drive axle.             A safe vehicle means a safe journey to your destination.  Traction up and let the tires roll.

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